07 May 2005

Over the Midterm Hump

I'm so glad this week is over--It brought unforeseen challanges. I already planned on reducing my workout duration and effort to 50% at week 4 of training. I didn't expect my workout regimen to get cut out almost completely! Due to the severe thunderstorms which extended for several days, my swim workout was trimmed down 2/3. My Runs were almost non-existant. So, suffice it to say that I got a break, but now I'm ready to get back in the rhythm of the routine. First 2 quizzes weren't too bad, fairly easy with little preparation involved. Next, we took the anatomy lab test. That wasn't bad at all, but it seemed as though everyone took a hit for spelling. The next 2 exams were slightly more challenging. I'm my own toughest critic about my performance on exams. If only I could know and apply all of the knowledge I'm supposed to acquire while I'm in school, but that would be an absolute miracle. But, we survived and I learned from the experience how to better prepare for the next round of tests.

Nick & Eric dressed to the nines for the anatomy lab exam. Posted by Hello


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