15 April 2005

Family time and fun time

I woke up today, relieved that it is once again Friday, meaning we get out of class super early today! I was even more stoked when our class student council rep. announced that our 1230 class moved up to 1130. I'll be done even earlier!

Today, we part from our king-sized bed. We're giving it to my cousin Heather and her hubby. They just moved down to West Palm Beach and only moved the bare essentials...so, they're sleeping on an air mattress. On the other hand, we plan on moving to
Port Orange next month so I'll be closer to school. That means we need to downsize all of our STUFF.

This is the first quarter I've been in school where I haven't hit the ground running. A week off after 3rd Q was not enough time to recover from the soul-sucking pain of neuroanatomy. So, I've taken about 1.5 weeks of 4th Q to take my time and to chill. Actually, I've been playing. While Heather and Abe visited with us last week, I enjoyed their company and joined them on the beach, jet skiing on the lake, and swimming in the clear water of
Blue Spring. It's a fun workout to swim upstream, then relax swimming down stream. When I got to the spring head, absolutely no one else was around! I had a beautiful, lush, tropical spring pool all too myself for at least 5 minutes, until a few canoers skimmed by.

But, since I've been such a slacker student thus far this Q, I have some serious work to do this weekend, specifically, Dr. Raja's anatomy classes and Dr. Seaman's foundations. Gotta love it!


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