26 April 2005

Sleepin' In

Unfortunately, I forgot to set my alarm last night. So, as I lay awake for a little while this morning, listenting to the birds and waiting for my alarm to ring, I looked at the clock and realized that it was 0640...which is the time I normally LEAVE for school. Talk about getting ready in a hurry. I was out of the door in 10 minutes. My dear sweet husband helped me out by making me breakfast so I could eat in the car (he heated up some cinnamon raison Ezekiel bread). What a sweetheart!

So, I rushed to get to school in time for my 0730 class...but when I arrived, the professor was just showing up, and only about 10% of the class was present. Turns out a LOT of people slept in and completely missed the 2-hour lecture while others strolled in 30 min to 1 hour late. Well, it's a Tuesday of week 4 of 4th quarter...so the sleep deprivation is setting in. Plus, our class has been blessed with 0730 classes since 1st quarter....unrelentless. Our profs complain that they're not yet used to it...they only have to pull the early shift for a quarter, we've had to suck it up for almost a year. Getting up early isn't bad...it's just an 0730 class coupled with a late class from the previous day, and a long night of studying can all affect the body's capability to repair and to restore.

Last week, I finally saw the accalimed pop-culture flick Napoleon Dynamite. Student Council was hosting movie night, and since I already had a long day with after-school technique club, I figured I might as well stay a few more hours to watch the film and finally figure out all the buzz about Napoleon Dynamite. Besides, Steve wasn't getting home until 2230, so I might as well kill time hanging out with my classmates. OK, I must admit I did laugh several times...mostly out of embarrassment for the characters. I did enjoy Napolen's moon-boot "Pedro for Pres" disco dance; that was definitely the highlight of the tortuous movie.

Friday, Steve and I ventured to Animal Kingdom & Magic Kingdom for a date night and to get more use out of our annual passes. Surprisingly, the parks were really dead, and they closed early. But, we hit the few rides and shows that we hadn't yet tried...and after 4 hours of Disney park fun, we went home to relax.

I spent the remainder of the weekend catching up on sleep and studying. Once again, I felt like my studious self gettin' in the study groove. Due to lack of pressure thus far in the quarter, my studying has been minimal.

I'll be glad when we're done with our triad of mid-terms next week. I'm sure we'll all get through it ok...or at least it'll be a wake-up call prior to finals. Main things on my mind: abdominal anatomy, microbiology, neuron stuff for our foundations class, and MOVING!


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