17 September 2005

Autumn Moon Festival

The kick-off meeting for the Asian American Chiropractic Student Association didn't exactly go as planned. Of the 16 people who RSVP'd, only 8 showed up. There was more food for those of us who did show up (but it also meant we had to spend more to cover the cost of the pre-ordered meal). We shared some Chinese poems about the moon and talked about the history of the lunar festival celebration based on Chinese folklore. The Asian-Indians found some of the dishes too sweet or not spicy enough. Souja put chili sauce in everything from soup to duck. We advised him that moon cake would not taste pleasant with chili sauce. I was surprised that the Indians were unsettled with the traditional preparation of the fish (scales, eyes, teeth and fins still in tact), so they weren't brave enough to try it. Leanh's had the best chinese food I've had outside of Los Angeles.

Dr. Ravi, Karson, Steve, Dr. He, Souja, Dr. He-Raja, Dr. She-Raja Posted by Picasa

The Menu
  • Hong cha (red tea)
  • Appetizers:
    • Chicken Corn soup or Hot & Sour soup
    • Vietnamese chicken / vermicelli eggroll
  • Main course:
    • Roasted Peking duck
    • Chinese broccoli with beef and garlic sauce
    • Cantonese noodles with seafood and vegetables (Bird's nest)
    • Shanghai Sweet and sour chicken with vegetables
    • Pork, shrimp, and chicken fried rice
    • Steamed fish
  • Dessert:
    • Cantonese-style moon cake
The food was prepared traditional style (very un-American!) with the highest quality ingredients and spices. Because we were a group associated with a school function, they gave us an incredible discount on such a fabulous meal. I'll definitely return and recommend Leanh's to all my friends!


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