16 May 2005

Teach the World About Chiropractic Conference

I had a great weekend in Atlanta, one of my favorite cities in the U.S. I traveled with 4 other students from Palmer Florida to attend a practice management / coaching seminar (TTWAC) that views chiropractic as a mission to heal people all over the globe in successful and effecient offices. I'm still mulling over all the awesome points I learned, but I expect to comment on them soon. Overall, I'd say that my focus for chiropractic was recentered, and my passion for chiropractic was rekindled. I am very good at getting focused on taskings to get the job done--something at which I have always exceled whether in school, the military, or just life in general. The problem with being so detailed, focused, and such a perfectionist, is that I can sometimes lose sight of the big picture (which only drains my motivation and purpose). I don't want to get wrapped around the axle about each quiz or exam, or even about all the inundating information we're expected to learn at school, I just want to enjoy the journey, get out of it what I can, and get my license so that I can do what I'm here to do--practice chiropractic and help to change the world one life and one spine at a time.

Dr. Ben Lerner, author of Body By God and co-founder of Teach the World About Chiropractic was kind enough to join us for a photo for club P.R. back at Palmer The first delegates of the Palmer Florida Teach the World About Chiropractic Club are Alexandra, Natalie, Theresa, Josh, and me.

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