10 July 2005

Taipei - LA - and back again

Niemen hao!

Trail running in California hills, 5-star hotels in Taipei and Kao Hsiung, shopping (night markets, malls, and everywhere in between), lots of sitting (planes, taxis, buses, trains), visiting family, eating tons of asian food and fresh fruits, fitting for a qi pao, drinking lots of herbal teas . . . that pretty much sums up the trip. Toward the end, I started thinking in Chinese -- that was wierd!

Came home to Florida just in time for Hurricane Dennis. Yea! Hey, at least it's slightly cooler with the rain. The temp. in Taiwan was only a few degrees cooler and slightly less humid than central Florida. . . the difference is most of the places didn't have air conditioning (oh sweet glory of A/C!).

I stayed awake the entire plane ride over the Pacific and back so I could more quickly adapt to the 12 hour time change. It worked. I was tired because I had literally pulled all-nighters, but I was back on track right away. I stayed busy on the flights reading and watching in-flight movies. I probably saw close to 12 movies over the entire trip on my personal t.v. screen at my seat (these overseas 747 flights have really improved over the past decade!).

More pix and details soon, once I can figure out how to adapt my mom's camera memory stick to my printer and make things jive.

'Til then, zai jian!


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