23 June 2005

Disney Date

Steve and I have managed to do almost everything there is to do at all of the Disney theme parks. We're at the point where we're seeing some shows and going on some rides for the second or third time. We've gotten very good use out of our annual passes. This is the first time we've taken photos of just the two of us. Our first visit was in October just after all the hurricanes, and the parks were practically empty--on each successive visit they've become increasingly full. So, now we expect to only visit one more time before our passes expire and we've already made our list of things we want to do for the final time:
  • Ride Rock 'n Roller Coaster for the 6th time
  • Ride Tower of Terror for the 7th time
  • Go on a safari . . . again!
  • See Fantasmic nighttime spectacular . . . again!
  • Chow on another theme park turkey leg
  • More ice cream (Steve's request every visit!)

We had a great date, but we got suckered into waiting in line for an excessive amount of time for the newest ride and attraction at Epcot. The Soarin' ride was NOT worth 2.5 hour wait, not even close. The ride was broken earlier in the day, and all the fast passes were already distributed (probably gone well before noon). So, we had to wait in the stand-by entrance which said it was only a 50 minute wait. Well, if they only let it 5-10 stand-by guests for every 40-50 fast pass guests, guess which line will come to a grinding halt? The 50 minute wait became 1.5 hours, and 2+ hours. But by then, the turn-style is in sight, and you have committed that much time to a line for a ride only to walk out and leave. We befriended some Pennsylvanias who toughed out the line with us. Crowd angst was reaching pre-riot. But, the cheerful and happy Disney employees just smiled and said that most guests thought the ride was well worth the wait. I can't think of a single theme park ride in the world that's worth a wait that long. Oh well, we don't expect to go back to Epcot anytime soon, so at least now we can say we've experienced every single ride in all the Disney theme parks. Just a bit of advice, don't ever believe those estimated wait times at the stand-by entrance for popular rides--they're GROSSLY inaccurate!

Steve & I at the water climb in Epcot. Posted by Hello


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