27 May 2005

Another whirlwind week for us. Steve and I moved to Port Orange on Saturday with the help of some kind and generous folks from St. Andrews and my classmate Jorge. We were loaded and unloaded in less than 3 hours. . .talk about FAST! I only say about 5 times every day how much I LOVE our new apt and LOVE living 5 minutes from my school. Steve and his dad left at 2230 on Monday to drive to PA. They made it in 17.5 hours non-stop. Even though we've made several trips to unload the house in Deltona, we still have kitchen-ware in the cupboards and some other junk we have to get rid of somehow. We had 3 exams this week, 7 more in the next 2 weeks, and then finals. Yes!

Wednesday was the Student Olympics. There were inflatable obstacle courses and slip 'n slide events. I ran the relay race with my bros which consisted of weaving between cones, running backward, hula-hooping, then dead sprint to tag the next leg of the relay. We had a blast. I also got to appease my rock-climbing fix. There was a portable rock wall with a self-belet system. It's been a year since I climbed so my forearms and legs were quivering at the top of the wall, and I was a bit sore afterward. Ah yes, I missed that feeling.

Pictures might not be posted for awhile since I busted my camera this week. . .shhhh! I haven't told Steve yet. But, when my classmates send me pix of the Olympics I'll post 'em to the site. Steve gets back Saturday night. . . YES! We're looking forward to a relaxing memorial day weekend. Although I still have to study for my onslaught of exams, I'm taking at least 1.5 days completely OFF.

Peace out!


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