10 March 2005

Palmer Florida's First Toggle-Off & Chili-Off

Egg toggling requires that we place a raw egg on a simulated spinal transverse process (TP) located on a speeder board. Then, with proper toggle technique and form (no recoil from our backs--hence the spotter's hand placement), we must toggle the egg so that the speeder board collapses without the egg spilling its contents all over creation. The speeder boards are weighed in advance at a predetermined setting. We began the competition at 45 lbs. and steadily regressed in weight after each round. While toggling for a grade in class, some students were able to increase the weight to 200 lbs. At the competition, either the eggs were really poor in quality, or we really didn't have the egg on the TP when increasing the weight increments in class.

The Upper-Cervical Club and Class 073 combined manpower and $$ for the event. There was a decent turn-out on a rather cold and drizzly day (a perfect day for chili). We hope to maintain a quarterly toggle-off (with each class that goes through Toggle technique).

I'm toggling for about the 15th time on the same egg, which eventually broke without the speeder board collapsing. Oh, but I had fun trying!
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