04 September 2004

Hurricane Frances Part II

My friends in Port Orange were practically swimming around town. It’s still flooded there, which is why I have another full week off from school (will this quarter never end?) We return to school next week just in time for FINALS! And we've had 8 days of class canceled this Q. At least I'm
in first quarter and the info they didn't cover now can be made up next quarter. The upper classman who apparently have national boards this weekend (yeah right) are the ones who are biting their nails off! My classmate called the power company and found out she doesn't have power (she's driving in from out of state) and they said they're not gonna fix it anytime soon due to the weather. We have no significant weather today; the delay is probably due to the lake that’s surrounding S. Daytona Beach.

So, it was one anniversary and labor day weekend I'll never forget and will never want to repeat. I'm thankful we're safe and had no house repairs that took beyond 5 minutes (Thank goodness we're in a rental, too!!!)

Studying Kreb's cycle by candlelight. During the hurricanes, school was obviously canceled. At least it provided plenty of time to get caught up in classes.



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