04 September 2004

Hurricane Frances Part III

So, assuming the stores are actually stocked before the next hurricane hits (that was a problem with this last one), besides a few odds and ends, there's a few things we'd definitely have on hand for the next storm (for those of you who want to ever live in hurricane country):
- s'mores . . . that would be a definite morale boost and would go well with cooking all the thawed out foods from the freezer!
- More magazines (I had a couple of issues of Outside and National Geographic)
- Generator (those are REALLY hard to find around here since hurricane Charley, but that would make a huge difference!)
- Cheese and crackers (notice how I keep mentioning carbs? Let's get grain-inflammed and hunker down and enjoy that hurricane!!)
- MORE candles and flashlights (it's really hard to see yellow highlighter by candlelight, even when there's a bunch of 'em lit. I gave up on candlelight studying after the first night)

Now, we just wait for the grocery stores to get their power restore, the lines at the gas stations to shorten. Then, we’ll swap stories with our friends about the “Great 'Cane of '04". This really is the greatest place to live. We're just having one historic hurricane summer.

During Hurricane Jean, Steve surprised me with a chocolate-raspberry anniversary cake from a bakery. It was the sweetest gesture since we didn't have many other celebration options.



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