29 July 2005

Surprise Trip to St. Augustine

It's been so nice to be under the same roof as Steve for the first time in 3 weeks. Not being together for so long wasn't the tough part, it was not being able to communicate -- no phone calls or e-mail relay. So, we had a lot to talk about when he came home.

I arranged for a surprise date night 5 days after he returned. I just told him what to wear and to load up our bikes in the truck (which we never used, but they were there just in case). Steve had just heard about St. Augustine from his teammates and made a point to go there in the near future.

I pretty much planned to just get there, see a couple of the highlights, and take the rest in by just adventuring around. I did have a dinner stop in mind, and Steve spotted it as we drove into town. I had to reveal the surprise at that point, but at least we knew where we were going for dinner so we wouldn't get lost trying to find it later.

We had fun, and saved a few things on our itenerary for a future trip. We happened to be there when the heat index was 100+ degrees...lots of outdoor walking around with little to no air conditioning available. We were both pretty used to those conditions from walking around in Asia for the past few weeks. Can't say we prefer it, we're just used to it. Thank goodness for the invention of A/C -- it's oh so nice.

The Tovar house -- oldest house in the nation. Posted by Picasa


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